Self-sampling tests

Our self-sampling tests

The tests that we offer at How Are You Diagnostics are the same laboratory tests that are performed by hospital laboratories. For our current range of products, please click on Products. Unique to us is that we offer the majority of our tests via a self-service kit. This means that you can have our tests delivered to any postal address, after which you can take the sample for the chosen test yourself at a moment that suits you. An exception to this is our “Do I have COVID-19 now” test. For this test, you need to make an appointment in our test facility.

It is completely anonymous;
 You can come to us at any time;
 You do not have to go directly to a care provider;
The test is as reliable as the one used in hospitals;
A BIG-registered physician-microbiologist evaluates your results and gives you bespoke advice;
Find out quickly whether you have been infected.

Easy home testing

Our home sampling kits are specially designed for easy self-sampling. The clear instructions explain how to do this, step by step. The samples are sent by you in a secure manner by normal post in the packaging enclosed especially for this purpose. We carry out the diagnostics immediately upon receipt. The laboratory has no access to the participant’s personal data. The result of the analysis, after interpretation by the physician-microbiologist, is reported back within 3 days via the account under which the kit is registered. You are notified via the app as soon as the results are available.

Testing in 5 steps

Download the HAY app

After you have received the self-sampling test, you follow the steps in our HAY app. This app is designed to register the self-sampling kits you have purchased and to return the results of the laboratory analyses to you personally in a secure manner.


Download the HAY app here

Reliable self-sampling tests

Have I had COVID-19?

Do you want to know if you have already had COVID-19? With this test, our laboratory investigates whether antibodies for COVID-19 are present.
Easy home testing
You do not have to go directly to a care provider
Fast and anonymous
The test is as reliable as the one used in hospitals
You get the result within 3 working days of receipt of the sample at the lab

What do you want to test?

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