Schildklierfunctie test


Do you also sometimes feel tired, often feel cold, suffer from mood swings, weight gain or low energy? Unfortunately, we all suffer from these things at times, but they can also be symptoms of a slow-working thyroid.

When a thyroid gland is working too fast, you can experience symptoms such as: poor sleep, trembling hands, excessive sweating, weight loss, intestinal problems, shortness of breath and/or fatigue.

The thyroid produces the hormone Thyroxine (T4) and releases it into the blood. This hormone helps your body with metabolism and heat regulation, among other things. It therefore has an important role to play in your body.

In order to detect a thyroid that is working too slowly or too quickly in good time, it is advisable to check the thyroid function. If thyroid disorders are not treated (in time), they can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, hyperactivity and depression.

This test will give you insight into your thyroid function.

The markers tested are:

  • TSH;
    • An important hormone-producing gland in the brain (pituitary gland) ensures that the right amount of thyroid hormone is produced.
  • fT4 (free T4)
    • The free, active form of the hormone Thyroxine (T4).

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Content and step-by-step process 

Are you ordering the self-sampling test from us? You will receive the following materials by post:

  • A detailed letter and instructions;
  • A results card with a unique log in code for our results portal;
  • A prick set (with finger pricks, gauze and plasters)
  • A special blood tube for the blood sample;
  • A transport bag and postage paid return envelope.

You return your blood sample in a special package for medical mail. Therefore, always use the enclosed return envelope. You can safely post these in any PostNL postbox. 

The process of this self-sampling test will be as follows:

  1. Thoroughly read the letter and make sure to keep the results card with your code (you will need this to access your result later)
  2. Take your blood sample following the included instructions;
  3. Verstuur binnen 24 uur het bloedmonster op naar het laboratorium;
  4. Our specialists will analyse your blood sample;
  5. Acces your results and the extensive report thorugh our results portal;