Liver Function test


If your liver is not functioning well, you will not notice this for a long time. Symptoms and complaints that may indicate an abnormality in the liver often resemble everyday symptoms and complaints. In many cases, liver disease only occurs after serious damage has already occurred. An abnormality is therefore often only discovered late - too late, in some cases.

Symptoms that may occur with liver disease include swelling of the liver, jaundice, and fatigue.

The liver is essential for our health and it has important functions:

  • Converting waste so that it can be excreted (removal of toxic substances from the body);
  • The metabolism and storage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates (the conversion and storage of substances containing energy);
  • The formation of bile, a liquid that allows fat-soluble substances to leave the body through the liver and allows fats and fat-soluble vitamins to be obtained from food.

To detect liver problems at an early stage, it is advisable to have your liver function checked. Liver problems increase the risk of liver disease and cardiovascular disease.

This test gives you insight into your liver function. To provide an indication of your liver function, tests assess the following markers:

  • ALT;
    • A liver enzyme that can be measured to diagnose liver disease.
  • Gamma-GT (gGT)
    • An enzyme made in the liver that helps convert certain amino acids (such as AST and ALT).

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Content and step-by-step process 

Are you ordering the self-sampling test from us? You will receive the following materials by post:

  • A detailed letter and instructions;
  • A results card with a unique log in code for our results portal;
  • A prick set (with finger pricks, gauze and plasters)
  • A special blood tube for the blood sample;
  • A transport bag and postage paid return envelope.

You return your blood sample in a special package for medical mail. Therefore, always use the enclosed return envelope. You can safely post these in any PostNL postbox. 

The process of this self-sampling test will be as follows:

  1. Thoroughly read the letter and make sure to keep the results card with your code (you will need this to access your result later)
  2. Take your blood sample following the included instructions;
  3. Verstuur binnen 24 uur het bloedmonster op naar het laboratorium;
  4. Our specialists will analyse your blood sample;
  5. Acces your results and the extensive report thorugh our results portal;