Am I protected against Corona? Self-sampling test


Am I protected against Corona?

Antibodies are protective proteins, which are produced by our own immune system. This happens when our body has an immune response against a certain foreign substance, like the coronavirus. Your body produces antibodies against the coronavirus after a vaccination against the coronavirus, or after an infection with the virus. The amount of antibodies that are produced can differ per person. Therefore, it’s interesting to test the level of corona antibodies in your body, and if they are above a certain threshold. At How Are You Diagnostics we offer the opportunity to easily test this using our corona antibody test. Order this self-sampling test now. The costs are 49.50 (excluding shipping costs).

Please note: are you experiencing one or more symptoms of the coronavirus at the moment? Don’t order this self-sampling test, but call 0800-1202. Using that number you can make an appointment at the GGD for another (rtPCR) corona test.

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How can I get tested for COVID-19?

Perhaps you have been asking yourself the following question for a while: 'Have I got (or had) COVID-19?' You are therefore looking for a good, professionally verified COVID-19 test. In the medical world, two tests have been developed: the PCR test and the serological test for COVID-19. Your situation determines which one you should use.


The PCR test: have I got COVID-19 at the moment?

The best known test for COVID-19 is the PCR test (short for: Polymerase Chain Reaction). This tests whether a person is infected with the coronavirus at the time of sampling. In this COVID-19 test, a cotton swab is inserted far back in the nose and throat. The collected material is then analysed to see if coronavirus is present.

The serological test: am I protected against Corona?

In addition to the PCR test, there is another COVID-19 test on the market. This checks whether you have had COVID-19 in the past. This is also referred to as a serological test for COVID-19. This blood test is used to determine whether you have ever been infected with COVID-19 by looking for antibodies. In the case of our self-sampling test, you collect the blood yourself and our laboratory tests the sample for antibodies to COVID-19 (IgA and IgG).

We recommend you to only use this self-sampling test after the so called incubation time of the infection or vaccination. Only order our Covid-19 antibody test two weeks after potential Covid-19 symptoms disappeared, or two weeks after your vaccination. When you still choose to do this test before the incubation time ends, the result will be unreliable.


Onze serologische Coronatest: ben ik beschermd tegen Corona?

Using our Covid-19 antibody test you can sample your own blood using a finger prick. After ordering you will receive your package at home including all tools and instructions needed to take your own blood sample. You can send your blood sample to our laboratory after which we will analyze it for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies (IgG). All results will be authorized by our BIG-registered medical microbiologist, after which you can view them in our results portal. You can log in here using the unique log in code that can be found in your kit.
The test we perform measures neutralizing antibodies (IgG) against the RBD area of the spike protein (S1) of the coronavirus. These antibodies, which are formed after infection or vaccination, protect you from a (re)infection with the coronavirus and make symptoms less severe. However, it’s no guarantee you can’t get sick from the virus anymore. The test gives a quantitative value and is expressed in BAU/ml. Values above 21,8 BAU/ml are positive, and below 21,8 BAU/ml are negative. The higher the value, the more neutralizing antibodies present, but it’s not certain more antibodies offer more protection.


De voordelen van onze Coronatest?

Nothing is more important than your own health. However, sometimes the step towards a caregiver is too big. Maybe you don’t like to go to a caregiver, you want to stay anonymous, or your caregiver doesn’t offer this specific test. For this group, How Are You Diagnostics developed several self-sampling tests, including this Covid-19 antibody test. Below we listed all benefits of our self-sampling tests.

  • It is completely anonymous;
  • You can come to us at any time;
  • You do not have to go directly to a care provider;
  • The test is as reliable as the one taken in the hospital
  • A BIG-registered medical microbiologist will authorise all results and provide you with personal advice;
  • You will receive your results as soon as possible!
  • Medical certificate with your result free of charge.

Do you have a question about our COVID-19 test or do you want to know more about the organisation? Then be sure to check out our FAQ-page.


The contents of our COVID-19 test

Will you be ordering the self-sampling test for COVID-19 from us? Then you will receive the following materials by post:

  • A detailed letter and instructions;
  • A results card with a unique log in code for our results portal;
  • A prick set (with finger pricks, gauze and plasters)
  • A special blood vial for the blood sample;
  • A transport bag and postage paid return envelope.

The shipping and return will be done in special packaging for medical mail. Therefore it is important you use the return envelope included in your kit. You can leave this in any regular PostNL mailbox. They are allowed to ship medical mail, including your antibody test sample.


Self-sampling test for COVID-19: a step-by-step plan

Taking our COVID-19 self-sampling test is fairly simple. However, it is important that you do it in the right way. To avoid an invalid test, we are happy to support you every step of the way. After purchasing our COVID-19 self-test, the process is as follows:

  1. Read the letter and keep the results card with you;
  2. Take your blood sample following the included instructions;
  3. Send the blood sample within 24 hours to our laboratory;
  4. Our specialists will test your blood for Covid-19 antibodies;
  5. View your result and medical certificate through our results portal:


Order our serological COVID-19 test?

Order our serological COVID-19 test?

The symptoms of COVID-19 can vary from person to person. While some patients experience no symptoms, others end up in the ICU and may die from the infection. A common question is therefore: have I had COVID-19? A COVID-19 test is recommended if any of the symptoms listed below are or have been present. COVID-19 test is aan te raden, wanneer er sprake is (geweest) van de hieronder genoemde klachten.

Common symptoms

The exact symptoms experienced by a patient with COVID-19 vary from person to person. It can be difficult to determine whether you should have a COVID-19 test. We recommend that you always get tested for COVID-19 when you recognise any of the following symptoms in yourself:

  1. Cough
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. A high temperature or fever
  4. Sudden loss of smell and/or taste (without nasal congestion)
  5. Cold symptoms such as rhinitis, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat

Serious complaints:Are you suffering from shortness of breath and/or fever (above 38°C) or are you feeling increasingly ill? Contact the GP or the GP out-of-hours surgery immediately.
When you're experiencing Covid-19 symptoms right now, please contact 0800-1202.