SOA Zelftest

Waarom een  SOA zelftest?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), often also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are common infections that enter your body through various forms of sexual activity. These infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Many STDs can be easily resolved by ingesting antibiotics. Without treatment, however, it can lead to serious health conditions in the future.

It is recommended that if you are sexually active, that you practice safe sex and that you get tested on a regular basis. Why? STDs can spread through many ways. Fingers, toys, oral sex. So even if you used a condom it is still possible to get an STD. And if you didn't use one then it's obvious why it's good to get tested. Without quickly identifying it and taking preventative measures through practicing safe sex, you are put at more risk of severe consequences.

Momenteel bieden wij SOA zelfafnametesten voor Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis and Mycoplasma. Klik op de namen in de voorgaande zin voor meer informatie over deze SOA’s, of bezoek onze FAQ-page.

Wilt u weten welke SOA zelftest u het best kunt bestellen? Doe dan onze STD questionnaire..

SOA zelftest, hoe werkt het?

Bij How Are You Diagnostics, beter bekend als HAY, kunt u zich laten testen op vier veel voorkomende SOA’s; het resultaat ontvangt u binnen enkele dagen al. Twijfelt u welke SOA-test(en) u het best kunt kopen? Wij raden u aan deze testwijzer in te vullen om een gepersonaliseerd advies te ontvangen om u te helpen bij uw keuze. Als u al weet naar welke SOA zelftest u op zoek bent dan kunt u rechtstreeks naar onze webshop gaan om deze direct te bestellen.

After placing your order, you will receive the STD test in your mailbox or at a collection point within approximately 24 hours. If you're worried about the shipment? Don't be. We ensure that the packaging is fully discreet and you remain fully anonymous.

In our self-sampling STD kits you will find all needed tools to take your own sample within a matter of minutes. After this, you can send your sample through any mailbox. This is completely free of charge and the return envelope can be found in your kit too. Once your sample arrives in our lab, it will take 48-72 hours before you will get your result in our results portal. Every result is authorized by our medical microbiologist. Were you tested positive? No need to panic. Our medical microbiologist will provide you with a clear explanation of what to do next.

Op welke SOA wilt u testen?