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Diagnostics – for Microbiological and Clinical Chemical laboratory testing and advice

How Are You Diagnostics (HAY Diagnostics B.V.) is a subsidiary of the DaklaPack Group Holding. HAY Diagnostics B.V. performs specialised laboratory testing at the Medical Microbiological and Clinical Chemical level and provides advice. Our testing is based on self-sampling kits that can be ordered by consumers on the Internet. As it concerns data of data subjects, a data subject also has a number of rights that he or she can exercise.

What personal data does HAY Diagnostics collect, how and for what purposes?

HAY Diagnostics holds personal data of relations such as customers, participants and suppliers. These are, for example:

  • The applicant of tests containing data for addressing our self-sampling kit (customer database).
  • Participant data, for identification purposes and in relation to the health of the participant;
  • Samples and linked depersonalised personal data of the participant in order to carry out the requested diagnostic tests;
  • Name, address, email and telephone number, in order to be able to contact a relation;
  • In exceptional cases: Citizen Service Number (BSN) of the participant to uniquely identify a participant when registering tests that require reporting to authorities;

This personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • Sending the self-sampling kits (applicant);
  • Administering requests for diagnostic testing (participant);
  • Performing diagnostic tests and recording the procedures and results;
  • Providing feedback to the participant on the results of diagnostic tests performed by HAY Diagnostics or by contracted laboratories and temporarily storing the results;
  • In a limited number of cases for the validation, calibration and testing of diagnostic equipment;
  • The registration, reporting and handling of complaints and incidents;
  • Communicating with suppliers, applicants and participants about, for example, the sending and settlement of invoices, performance of services and sending of (draft) results, and conducting relationship satisfaction surveys.
  • Voor Coronatesten geldt het bewaartermijn als volgt: Negatieve testresultaten betreft een bewaartermijn van een maand. Positieve testresultaten betreft een bewaartermijn van twaalf maanden.

More information on the processing of personal data

How do we ensure that data is secure, and how long does HAY Diagnostics retain personal data?

HAY Diagnostics B.V. takes the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that personal data are properly secured and thus protected against unauthorised or unlawful use, alteration, unauthorised access or disclosure, unintentional or unlawful destruction and loss. The laboratory tests are carried out without any personally identifiable data present in the laboratory. The identification numbers of our tests are not visible to employees and are stored encrypted with the correct participant, thus guaranteeing a certain anonymity about which test was performed. Results are only provided with personally identifiable data after interpretation of the test results by our BIG registered physician-microbiologist and then shared with the authenticated participant only through a secure channel without human intervention. The applicant will not receive feedback on results, unless he/she is also a participant and then only for his/her own results.

More information on who can see the personal data

The general rule is that HAY Diagnostics B.V. keeps personal data for as long as they are needed or, if longer, in accordance with the statutory retention periods.

Does Hay Diagnostics provide information to third parties?

De aard van de activiteiten brengt mee dat HAY Diagnostics B.V. gedepersonaliseerde deelnemer gegevens, deelt met derden voor de uitvoering van een diagnostisch onderzoek. HAY Diagnostics B.V. deelt hierbij alleen de niet tot personen herleidbare gegevens in zoverre deze van belang zijn bij de bepalingen. U kunt hierbij denken aan Initialen, geboortedatum, geslacht, seksuele voorkeur, woonplaats ed. Alleen in het geval van een onderzoek waarbij een positief geteste ziekte een meldingsplicht heeft aan bijvoorbeeld een GGD, zal HAY Diagnostics deze gegevens delen zonder deze te depersonaliseren. De positief geteste deelnemer wordt hierover geïnformeerd.

In certain cases HAY Diagnostics B.V. may share personal data with third parties in order to perform certain (technical) services (e.g. hosting providers, transport services etc.). They are obliged to adequately secure data and to process it only in accordance with our instructions. HAY Diagnostics B.V. has a written contract with each of these processors which regulates these aspects (a processor’s agreement).
Personal data may also be shared with supervisory authorities (such as the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ)) and investigative bodies, but only if HAY Diagnostics B.V. is legally obliged to do so.

What rights do I have as a data subject?

A data subject has the right to access his/her personal data, to have (inaccurate) data corrected and in certain cases to have his/her data (partially) deleted.

Any applicant and/or participant can always delete his or her account details directly via the application or website. At that time, all completed orders and recorded results of tests already performed are immediately disconnected from personal data.

He/she also has the right to object or request the restriction of data portability in certain cases. In order to ensure that the person requesting data is the person concerned, we ask them to identify themselves by means of a valid ID.

Contact HAY Diagnostics B.V.

If you have any questions and/or requests: please contact HAY Diagnostics B.V. (the data controller) as follows:

By email:

By post HAY Diagnostics, Poseidonweg 11, 8239 DK Lelystad

Complaints or questions about data processing can also be sent to email address or post office box indicated above.

U kunt ook een klacht indienen bij de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (email: Dit is de onafhankelijke toezichthouder op de naleving van de wettelijke regels voor de bescherming van persoonsgegevens. U kunt contact opnemen met de AP via:
Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
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2509AJ Den Haag
Tel.: 088 1805 250