Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure according to the Care (Quality, Complaints and Disputes) Act (Wkkgz)

A complaint can be an important signal. By dealing adequately with complaints, HAY Diagnostics can improve its services. Complaints are opportunities to learn lessons, and can trigger measures to improve the quality of the care provided. It may be that we are unable to reach a solution together, in which case there is always the possibility of requesting mediation from the SKGE Dispute Commission.

How patient complaints are handled within a healthcare organisation is regulated by the Care (Quality, Complaints and Disputes) Act. The aim of the Wkkgz is to provide an accessible and effective way of dealing with complaints, ensuring that both the person making the complaint and the healthcare provider are satisfied. For more information, please read the complaints procedure according to the Wkkgz (link). You will find a link to our complaints procedure according to the Wkkgz below, as well as our complaints form.

Download our complaints procedure

Link SKGE:

    Complaint form

    Details of complainant

    Surname prefix


    House number

    Patient details

    Only if you are not complaining on your own behalf but on behalf of another person (patient).

    (please note that after receiving and registering the complaint, we may ask the patient to sign an authorisation)

    Date of birth


    Complaint arising in year
    What you want to achieve
    Complaint is about
    Short description of complaint
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