Corona antibodies

Am I protected against Corona? 

Dankzij het testbeleid, vaccinaties en de vele maatregelen om de verspreiding van het Coronavirus tegen te gaan is de Covid-pandemie gelukkig onder controle. Het Coronavirus is daarom niet tot nauwelijks meer in het nieuws, However, many of us still think about it in a daily. In the Netherlands almost everything is back to normal now; we don't need to keep 1.5m distance from each other, and masks aren't mandatory anymore. But because we don't have any restrictions anymore, many of us ask ourselves: am I (still) protected against Corona?  

Protection against the current variants of Covid can be measured by the amount of antibodies present in the blood. These antibodies are being produced after a person has been in contact with the Corona virus. This can happen because of an infection with or a vaccination against Covid. Generally, antibodies protect you against (re)infection with Covid or they decrease the intensity of the symptoms. Antibodies decrease over time. That’s why after a certain period of time your proof of vaccination and/or recovery disappears from the Corona Check App, and why there are so called booster vaccinations to reactivate the productions of these protecting antibodies. The amount of antibodies in your blood can be measured. By measuring this you’ll have a good indication of how your body reacted to your infection or vaccination. You have to keep in mind that the amount of antibodies found in your blood does not guarantee your cannot get infected with the Corona virus again. Your personal health and other (external) factors also play a role in this.

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Corona antibodies test 

Our self-sampling test ‘am I protected against Corona?’ analyses the amount of antibodies in your blood (serum) and is performed in our laboratory in Lelystad. For the interested amongst us, we specifically look at neutralizing antibodies (IgG) against the RBD-part of the spike protein (S1) of the Corona virus. IgG antibodies develop later in time and give a good indication that the infection has passed. The test result is a quantitative value in the unit BAU/ml. This technique is in agreement with the international norm 20/136 of the WHO. The threshold is 21.8 BAU/ml (BAU: Binding Antibody Units). Value above 21.8 BAU/ml indicate there is enough protection and value below 21.8 BAU/ml indicate you are not yet fully protected.

How does it work?

You can easily order our self-sampling test through the web shop of How Are You Diagnostics. You will receive your package within 48 hours.  

In the kit you’ll find a card with a log-in code. Do not throw this away! You’re going to need this code to log in to our results portal to see your results. Since our system is anonymous, we cannot trace back who received which log in code. Unfortunately, we therefore won’t be able to help you if you lose this code.  

In our self-sampling kit you’ll find all the tools to easily take your own blood sample using a painless finger prick. After taking your sample, you can easily return it to us completely free of charge; make sure to use the safety bag and special return envelope for medical mail included in your kit. Once arrived at our lab, your sample will be analyzed and the results interpreted by our own Clinical Chemist. Your results will be accessible in our results portal within 72 hours after arrival in our lab.