PCR COVID-19 test

Do you want to be tested for the novel coronavirus? Make an appointment online for one of our test facilities.
Results within 26 hours
You can view your result on our results website
Includes free travel declaration/certificate (English)
No or little waiting time
Appointments made CANNOT be cancelled
Download de testuitslag in de CoronaCheck-app

Have I had COVID-19 test

Do you want to know if you have already had COVID-19? With this test, our laboratory investigates whether antibodies for COVID-19 are present.
A self-sampling test for home use
The test is as reliable as the one taken in the hospital
It is completely anonymous
You do not have to go directly to a care provider
You will be able to access the result of the test in the app within 3 working days of receipt of your sample at our laboratory

Why order a self-sampling test from How Are You Diagnostics?

It is completely anonymous;
 You can come to us at any time;
 You do not have to go directly to a care provider;
The test is as reliable as the one used in hospitals;
A BIG-registered physician-microbiologist evaluates your results and gives you bespoke advice;
Find out quickly whether you have been infected.

About us

“How are you Diagnostics” is a modern laboratory that works with the latest technologies and is committed to Clinical Chemical and Medical Microbiological, Molecular Research.

We do this primarily for private individuals and non-insured care. After years of experience in developing self-sampling tests, this is the next step we have taken to provide a high-quality service in healthcare, ready for the future. Almost all of our tests are offered without you having to leave your home to visit your GP, a hospital or a medical specialist. You can order our self-sampling tests at any time and perform them at home, in complete anonymity. For a number of tests, it is not yet possible to do this via a self-sampling kit or completely anonymously. This has to do with the difficulty of the sampling and/or a possible reporting obligation to the GGD for the result.

Our own IT department has developed special software and apps that support us in linking participant and results. Mixing up of participants and results is prevented by the direct link between our Laboratory Information System, the uniquely identifiable vial and the registered participant, with our processes and our ISO 27001 certification ensuring your privacy at all times.

We believe that it is important to offer tests as accessibly as possible, with the quality that is generally accepted within laboratories. Of course, the results must be completely reliable and interpreted by a doctor so that the correct follow-up steps can be recommended. With this in mind, we set up our own laboratory.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified and works exclusively with experienced laboratory professionals. For the interpretation of results, we employ a physician-microbiologist (BIG: 490 231 532 01).

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Bert-Jan Haarkamp
22. Oktober, 2020.
Duidelijk en transparant. Informatie op de zelftest kan iets beter nog maar ik ben zelf nogal gehaast met die dingen dus kan ook aan mij liggen. Prikje in de vinger, paar druppels bloed in een buisje, dopje erop en versturen maar. En via een app krijg je de uitslag. Prima!
Jasper Vink
19. Oktober, 2020.
clear and fast test! beautiful app and fast results
19. Oktober, 2020.
Alle benodigdheden zijn overzichtelijk gepresenteerd. De app is gemakkelijk in gebruik en neemt je mee door de stappen van de test. Het buisje zat binnen no time vol. Testresultaat de volgende dag al binnen, super!
Machteld van Vloten
14. Oktober, 2020.
Clear instructions, very complete set. Fast response.
13. Oktober, 2020.
Gelijktijdig met mijn vrouw een test op antistoffen gedaan, aangezien zij Corona heeft gehad en ik met zeer milde klachten die periode ben doorgekomen. De test was eenvoudig dankzij de heldere uitleg, alle beschikbare hulpmiddelen en de snelheid waarmee je de test kon uitvoeren. Na een dag wist je al of er antistoffen waren gevonden; in mijn geval niet.
13. Oktober, 2020.
Nadat ik in maart corona heb gehad was ik benieuwd naar de antistoffen. Test was snel in huis en eenvoudig stap voor stap uit te voeren. Duidelijke handleiding, en alles compleet in één pakket. Binnen 1 dag was de uitslag al bekend en de antistoffen werden aangetoond.
9. Oktober, 2020.
It was a clear test, all steps were well explained. The result of the test was not long in coming.
9. Oktober, 2020.
Snelle levering en instructies zijn erg duidelijk.
9. Oktober, 2020.
De test om aan te tonen of je antistoffen hebt aangemaakt was bijzonder snel binnen, goed verpakt, duidelijke handleiding en de uitslag was ook heel snel binnen. Heel tevreden !
Eniko Molnar
9. Oktober, 2020.
Although I am a foreigner and I do not have a 100% command of the language, the instructions are simple and you can understand them well.

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